Updating test161 help


I’m following the instructions on https://www.ops-class.org/asst/setup/ to set up my test161. I’m using my own Ubuntu VM. I installed os161 through https://www.ops-class.org/asst/setup/#ppa.

According to the first link Go should have already come included but it didn’t. So I installed Go. Next I try to use the command

go get -u github.com/ops-class/test161/test161

The above command is suppose to set my $GOPATH from what I understand but after running that command I get:

package github.com/ops-class/test161/test161: cannot download, $GOPATH not set. For more details se: go help gopath

I’m pretty sure I’m missing a step but I’m not sure where, any help would be awesome.


If you installed via the ops-class PPA, you can update test161 through a package manager. Run:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install test161

and test161 should update. The instructions you’re following are only when you don’t use the ops-class PPA, and instead compile test161 yourself.

For more instructions on updating test161, please see this thread

(topic renamed as this has nothing to do with deploy keys)

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