Unknown syscall 68 from badcall tests

I’m running badcall/read tests from the kernel and it appears that I’m passing all of them, but when I run test161 it comes back incorrect with 0/1 points.

Here is a screenshot of the output of the kernel test for badcall/read:

The only problem I can think of is that the “Unknown syscall 68” isn’t expected in the test. Syscall 68 is sys_remove, which is called in the badcall/read tests, but is never implemented.

Are we supposed to implement this syscall? Is this a mistake in the test? Or am I misinterpreting the output of the kernel badcall/read tests?

You don’t need to implement remove(), and our reference implementation doesn’t. Was there any output after what you posted? This test should print /testbin/badcall: SUCCESS if it passes. Also, test161 may be running it with a different configuration than you are, the following test161 commands may shed some light:

To only run the badcall read test:

test161 run -no-dependencies stability/badcall/badcall-read.t

To see its configuration:

test161 run -explain stability/badcall/badcall-read.t

Also, as the above command should indicate, that test has a dependency on syscalls/shell.t, so that needs to pass too. To run the badcall-read test with all of its dependencies.

test161 run stability/badcall/badcall-read.t
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