unable to run sys161 kernel

So, i had already setup kernel during ASST0, and it was also working today i implemented code for locks, and then recompiled the kernel, when i tried to do sys161 kernel it showed me cpu core info which i have pasted below i have tried to delete the compiled kernel and compile it again but it shows me the same thing, also the kernel compiled successfully with no errors and the files i changed were synch.h, synch.c and synchtest.c, the only thing i added in synchtest.c was a print statement and that is all

It looks like your kernel is probably panicking early in boot. Locks are acquired early in boot, so if your lock implementation is broken, this can happen. I would use GDB to set a breakpoint on panic() and see why it’s exiting.

Aside: compiling successfully is not a great measure of correctness. There are all kinds of fun bugs that you can and will introduce by compiling :slight_smile:.

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I got the same problem like you

may I know how do you deal with it?


and my sys161.conf

mainboard ramsize=16M cpus=1