test161 User Does Not Exist

When trying to login to test161 using my Auth0 account, I get an invalid username or password error. I tried to reset my password and get the following:

Is there a step I’m missing here? The test161 page says to

  1. Create an account on test161.ops-class.org

but I don’t see anywhere to do this on the test161 page.

Same thing happens to me.

It’s the same login that you use for this Discourse site.

This could be a caching problem. Try it in incognito (or private browsing) mode and see if that helps. If so, clear your browser cache or hard refresh the page.

Yep, it was a browser cache problem. After opening in incognito and logging in, everything worked. Thanks!

The same problem occurs for me. Tried incognito mode, clearing cache and changing browser, but the same problem occurs. Not sure what to do.

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See this: Auth0 Social Login. Both of you (Anand and Hank) seem to have created social logins as well as the @buffalo.edu one that we created for you. You need to use the @buffalo.edu login to access the test161 server. Don’t click on the Facebook or Gmail logo. Just enter your @buffalo.edu address in the “Or” box below the social login icons. Reset your password if needed.