test161 User Does Not Exist

(Grant Iraci) #1

When trying to login to test161 using my Auth0 account, I get an invalid username or password error. I tried to reset my password and get the following:

Is there a step I’m missing here? The test161 page says to

  1. Create an account on test161.ops-class.org

but I don’t see anywhere to do this on the test161 page.

(Hank Lin) #2

Same thing happens to me.

(Geoffrey Challen) #3

It’s the same login that you use for this Discourse site.

(Geoffrey Challen) #4

This could be a caching problem. Try it in incognito (or private browsing) mode and see if that helps. If so, clear your browser cache or hard refresh the page.

(Grant Iraci) #5

Yep, it was a browser cache problem. After opening in incognito and logging in, everything worked. Thanks!

(Anand Balakrishnan) #6

The same problem occurs for me. Tried incognito mode, clearing cache and changing browser, but the same problem occurs. Not sure what to do.

(Geoffrey Challen) #7

See this: Auth0 Social Login. Both of you (Anand and Hank) seem to have created social logins as well as the @buffalo.edu one that we created for you. You need to use the @buffalo.edu login to access the test161 server. Don’t click on the Facebook or Gmail logo. Just enter your @buffalo.edu address in the “Or” box below the social login icons. Reset your password if needed.