test161 submitting wrong remote

(Edmund John Pfeil) #1

Error : cannot determine remote status: Failed executing command “git remote update staff” : exit status 1

I am trying to submit my remote “myorigin,” if I do git remote -v it shows myorigin and staff, I’d like to submit myorigin but it seems to be reading from staff instead which is just the clone of ops-class/os161 repo. Any idea how to fix this?

(Edmund John Pfeil) #2

I tried cloning the repo to get rid of the staff branch altogether in case it was conflicting, but I got the same error again except it failed to execute command “git remote update myorigin.” So this time it used myorigin which contains my proper code, yet it couldn’t submit.

(Geoffrey Challen) #3

The branch that you are submitting from needs to be configured to push and pull from your private repository. After you clone, it’s configured to push/pull to origin.