test161 Submission Aborts after Build

I tried tracking the changes on the submission page but after approximate 12 or thirteen seconds the submission is aborted. Any pointers?

@shaseley: does this happen when the build fails? Shouldn’t their be build output to view in that case?

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@gwa Yes, and yes. It can happen for other reasons, but failing to build is the most common, and for ASST1 it’s often due to not adding rwlock stubs as I posted earlier.

@aakyna What test is it aborting on? Is it the build? If so, post the relevant output.

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Please post some additional output and adjust the title of the post as well.

@shaseley It tried to abort after the build or during the build because I don’t see any feedback after that. We don’t have rwlocks implemented so could that possibly be the reason?

I figured out the problem as Scott pointed out. Our synch.c file didn’t have the definitions for rwlock. Now we can see points for the submission. :slight_smile:

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