test161 Server Back Online; Required Updates

The test161 server is back online and accepting ASST2 submissions. There were a couple of tweaks that needed to be made that will require action on your part. Please do the following:

  1. Merge the latest staff changes (see this post)
  2. Update test161 to 1.3.2 (see this post)

Here’s a description of what was changed:

Staff Changes
It was brought to our attention that forkbomb could pass without actually implementing the fork() syscall, since forkbomb isn’t really checking for successful forks. To fix this, we added forktest as a dependency for forkbomb, so now forktest needs to pass before forkbomb will run in the ASST2 target.

test161 Change
There was a race condition with test161 shutting down due to a command hitting a 60 second timeout, and the output for that command finishing just after the timeout. In a one rare cases, this caused a false positive on forktest, allowing the test to pass on the server without actually implementing fork().

In both of these cases above, points were awarded for fork() that shouldn’t have been. These points aren’t exactly freebies though. In order to get anywhere on ASST3.2, ASST3.3, and the last two thirds of ASST2, fork() has to work. So, the small number of points awarded in error will eventually have to be earned to make any progress on the remainder of the assignments.