Test161 problem

(Dalton James Harenza) #1

So I was one of the people who incorrectly started out ASST1 with git init. I decided to just create a new repo and set it up properly with the PPA and rewrite the code for synch.h and synch.c but not when I try to run test161 from the root directory it tells me “test161 cannot determine your root directory from the CWD.”

(Scott Haseley) #2

In order to run tests, test161 looks for certain files in your current directory. Namely, it needs a kernel that it can test. Have you compiled and installed your kernel since fixing your codebase? Do you have an executable kernel file in the directory you’re running the command from?

Can you post the contents of pwd and ls -la in your root directory?

(Dalton James Harenza) #3

I have the kernel compiled and can run it with sys161.

pwd is /home/trinity/root

ls shows kernel, kernel-ASST1, and sys161.conf

la shows those three files as well as .sockets and .src

(Scott Haseley) #4

I was curious of the exact content of ls -la, I need to know the permissions too (it’s looking for an executable kernel). Also, what does test161 version output?

(Dalton James Harenza) #5

(Scott Haseley) #6

Ah, your test161 version is behind. See this post about updating. FWIW version 1.2.5 also required the testbin directory, which gets installed when you do bmake, bmake install from the top of your source tree. You’ll need to make sure you perform that step for ASST2.

(Dalton James Harenza) #7

Yup I just realized that. I thought that reinstalling the PPA would leave me with the updated version. Thanks.