test161.ops-course.org grades official?

Asking primarily to manage my paranoia. When my partner runs the test161 submission, the first line of the script reads that no key exists for … my email. However the submission still succeeds, and he still confirms the academic integrity of myself and himself. After the submission concludes the grades show up on both my login, as well as his, on the test161 portion of the website, so I am just making sure I am getting credit for my work. Thanks.

IIRC, this is just a warning (i.e. “Warning: No test161 key exists for...”). We recommend that both partners set up their keys and add them to the repo as deploy keys, as this can help eliminate issues with Git/ssh. test161 will try one or both of them depending if one or both were set up on the site. If it doesn’t give you an error or fail on the server (which it didn’t), then it’s fine.