System/161 on the Windows Subsystem for Linux

It works!

WSL includes a complete Ubuntu userland, so just install System/161 as if you are installing it on a Ubuntu machine.
If you are a Windows user like me, this could be a good alternative to Vagrant or installing Ubuntu on your computer or a virtual machine.

Unfortunately I’m not sure that this is going to work. The problem is the socket error messages that you see at the top. The test161 tool requires the metering socket to work properly, and so I suspect that it will fail in this environment. You can go ahead and test this for us if you are feeling generous—it would be good to confirm that it doesn’t work.

If not… still so close! I suspect that this may be fixable through some sys161 hacking, particularly to have it use a UNIX socket for communicating with test161 and not a file-based socket. But it’s probably not something we’ll get to this semester.

It actually works now! Thank you for pointing me the error out to me.

It didn’t work because I made one simple mistake. I put System/161 files in a Windows partition.
Windows partitions have no idea what a socket file is and just ignore when WSL tries to create one.

If I work on an emulated Linux partition, which does save UNIX-related file properties as NT extended attributes, it works just fine.


Well OK then—super cool! Let us know if you run in to any issues!