Returning EFAULT from vm_fault not triggering SEGFAULT?

Some of the tests in testbin/sbrktest will purposely attempt to access invalid memory regions (outside of the heap). These tests say that you should expect a SEGFAULT to be thrown.

The thing is, my vm_fault() is detecting that the address is a SEGFAULT and in this case, vm_fault() returns EFAULT. Back in mips_trap() though, a proper SEGFAULT is not being triggered and instead it’s evaluating into the following statement…

	 * If we get to this point, it's a fatal fault - either it's
	 * one of the other exceptions, like illegal instruction, or
	 * it was a page fault we couldn't handle.

	if (!iskern) {
		 * Fatal fault in user mode.
		 * Kill the current user process.
		kill_curthread(tf->tf_epc, code, tf->tf_vaddr);
		goto done;

What do I need to do differently to make sure I throw a proper SEGFAULT in these cases? Do I need to add logic to mips_trap()?

Is kill_curthread() implemented properly? That is what should generate the SIGSEGV reap code in this case. The default behavior is to panic.

I see where the issue likely lies now, I’ll bring it to office hours tomorrow. Thanks Carl!