Quinthuge fails with 5MB disk size

I’m unable to pass quint huge with default 5 MB disk size. My bitmap_alloc functions returns ENOSPC suggesting that all the bits are set. I am passing other tests like bigfork, parallelvm, quintsort etc.
I couldn’t find the disk size information in test161 targets. Could someone tell me where I can find that.

Also, there is one more problem that I’m having a hard time to fix. I am using vfs_open to open “lhd0raw:” and VOP_STAT to get the size of the file. However, the size VOP_STAT returns in st_size is always 5242880 (roughly 5MB) no matter what size of disk I set in sys161.conf ! This doesn’t happen when I run the test using test161. Running through test161 returns correct st_size. What could be going wrong?

Appreciate any help!

test161 uses 32MB for the tests, so we configured our disk to be that size as well. Make sure you re-run the disk161 command in order to change the actual size of the disk (though setting the value in sys161.conf is important as well).


Thanks Blake! That solves my problem!!