Project teams

I am planning to do the assignments of this course but in the lecture videos the professor keeps saying that assignments will be super hard to attempt to do alone. is anyone here wants to form a pair and do the assignments together ?

I don’t code much and was able to do the first two assignments, so even if you don’t find anyone you should give it a try. Let me know if you get to the last assignment and we could pair up for it.

Edit: I think that the professor means it would be hard for the students at Buffalo University doing the course and meeting fixed deadlines to complete it on their own.

Thanks Benjamin for your reply. I think it will be a good experience to collaborate with someone on such a project. and yeah I agree it’s of course harder to complete on your own when you have fixed deadlines but the professor kept stressing on how hard the assignments are in the first three lectures and I got the impression that they are insanely hard that it would take someone forever to complete on their own. but I haven’t got to the description yet so I dont know how hard


The assignments are certainly doable on your own, though I did find some of them to be pretty challenging.

There were some people that ended up doing it solo (if their partner dropped the class) and the only difference in the assignments for them was that that the professor gave later deadlines. (ASST1 had the same deadlines, ASST2+ was essentially one deadline behind for anyone doing it solo, if I recall correctly)

I think finding someone to collaborate with would be an excellent idea for a few reasons. pair programming is always a good learning experience, but in this case I think the more important reason is that having someone else involved will keep you on track. Otherwise you may end up procrastinating or putting it off for too long. I know that’s what I did. After this class ended I wanted to go back through and fix all my code and finish ASST3 but I still haven’t. Though I’m terrible at self-imposed goals or deadlines and I know some people can actually do stuff like that.

Personally I would love to help out however I can. I had a great time with these assignments and I’d love to dive back in. Since I’m still taking classes full-time I don’t know how much I would actually be able to contribute though.

Good luck!

I think so too. pairing with some one on a project is a really good experience but it’s tough to find someone who is taking the project and willing to pair with me. I think I will just start doing it on my own and see.
Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: !