Parallelvm32 causes test161 to crash

My partner and I were working on ASST3.3 and we noticed that parallelvm-32 hangs when run via test161. Test161 shows no output for about a minute and then, Ubuntu displays a popup saying that sys161 had crashed unexpectedly. My partner ran the test via sys161 on the same configuration (1M RAM, 32 CPUs, 32M disk) and it passed. We were not sure what could be causing this discrepancy in behaviour. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, during one of our test161 runs, quintsort and quinthuge failed saying that the hardware had failed along with a comment that said “This is when smoke would start pouring out in real life”. This happened just once, though. Thoughts?

Try emulating the test161 environment and see if you can trace any issues.

This error comes from console.c. It appears that you are abusing the hardware somehow.

BTW: smoke should print other useful diagnostic output. Next time collect the full message for debugging.

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