(Tommy Quinn) #1

After successfully merging, I tried to compile but I received a “no such file or directory” fatal error. it says the header file “opt-hangman.h” does not exist. I noticed the “hangman.h” file includes “opt-hangman.h” however i do not see an “opt-hangman.h” anywhere in the include directory. is anyone else having this issue?

(Joseph Anthony Cascioli) #2

yes us too I posted it on his thread about the update

(Richard Salvatore Hanulewicz) #3

We have run into this issue as well. We looked at the ops-class repo for the file and it simply isn’t there, so we can be fairly certain we didn’t screw up our merge.

(Brijesh Rakholia) #4

To fix this issue, all you have to do is the following:

$ cd kern/conf
$ ./config ASST1
$ cd ../compile/ASST1
$ bmake clean && bmake depend && bmake && bmake install

This should solve the error you guys are experiencing.

(Geoffrey Challen) #5

Don’t rerun the root configure. This will probably move their root directory to another place.

Just start at the ./config DUMBVM/ASST1 part.