After successfully merging, I tried to compile but I received a “no such file or directory” fatal error. it says the header file “opt-hangman.h” does not exist. I noticed the “hangman.h” file includes “opt-hangman.h” however i do not see an “opt-hangman.h” anywhere in the include directory. is anyone else having this issue?

yes us too I posted it on his thread about the update

We have run into this issue as well. We looked at the ops-class repo for the file and it simply isn’t there, so we can be fairly certain we didn’t screw up our merge.

To fix this issue, all you have to do is the following:

$ cd kern/conf
$ ./config ASST1
$ cd ../compile/ASST1
$ bmake clean && bmake depend && bmake && bmake install

This should solve the error you guys are experiencing.


Don’t rerun the root configure. This will probably move their root directory to another place.

Just start at the ./config DUMBVM/ASST1 part.