No test161 key exists for...

I’m getting this when doing test161 submit -verify asst1. “No test161 key exists for "”. I have added my partner’s token and my own and am not sure what else I have to do? I’ve also set up the public key on github.

Is your partner’s email address

I am getting the same warning message for my partner. I have added his email and token in test161 config
Warning: No test161 key exists for nikhilpr@buffalo.edutest161: 2017/02/14 13:00:34 build.go:578: Skipping overlay (OK for local builds)

I am not sure if it's' related but yesterday he was having problems logging in to to retrieve his token. He was unable to change the password and site was showing "user does not exist". But later he was able to change the password through discourse and retrieve his token for test161. Here is what `test161 config` looks like right now: Path Configuration: -------------------------------- Root Directory : /home/zaki/os161/root OS/161 Source Directory : /home/zaki/os161/src/os161 test161 Directory : /home/zaki/os161/src/os161/test161 test161 Server :

User Configuration:
 - User   :
   Token  : ##HIDDEN##
 - User   :
   Token  : ##HIDDEN##

Git Repository Detail:
Directory     : /home/zaki/os161/src/os161
Remote Name   : origin
Remote Ref    : master
Remote URL    :
Local Ref     : master
Local Status  : clean
Remote Status : up-to-date  

Also can i still submit (just to check) while this problem is resolved

Your partner did not set up their deploy key on test161. (Note: this is different from the security token)

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