How to check answers through test161 if you are not a student

Hello, thanks for the gr8 content, I am self-studying this course and was trying to submit assignment 1 to check my answers against the auto-grader but I do not have an account. Obviously I can not register for one unless I am a BU student. Is there a way to test or that maybe the tests would be released ?

There’s no need to “submit”. You just have to test it locally using test161 suite.

How to do it? Take a look at the test161 manual carefully. Good luck! :grinning:

Hello, thank you for your response, there are parts of the assignments for which you have to develop tests, like reader-writer locks in the first assignment, because of that there is always the possibility that you have not covered the right test cases. Essentially, you would be assessing your own solution which is not very helpful in determining if you have made a mistake. What would be very helpful is having the tests that are run on the test server(those that are not provided in the os161 source tree, the ones students are supposed to write) available for self-learners as well.

Actually yes, you are right! completely forgot about the rwt tests :wink:. I wholly agree with you that it’s somewhat quite frustrating.

Unfortunately It’s impossible to use their version of grader. But fear not, at least for ASST2, every “essential” tests are given. I’m hibernating for a while from this course since I passed ASST2 so no idea when it comes to ASST3. But iirc there will be tests that check the integrity of your assignment. I’d say do not worry about that much and push onward. Good luck and have fun!

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