Hello from a former hacker

Hey everyone,

Congratulations on successfully completing ( or surviving, depending on the kind of experience you had with the assignments :slight_smile: ) the course. I went through the grind too last year and the things I learnt from this course have been helping me a lot ever since. So trust me, it was all worth it!

Iā€™m sure some of you are searching for jobs or internships right now. I want to point out that Qualcomm (the company where I work) has a number of openings in various areas like Apps Processors, Display/Optics, Graphics, Hardware, Security, Server, Software and Systems, among others. In the last couple of months that I have worked here, I feel that it is a great place to work for, especially for systems and hardware engineers. My manager has mentioned on a number of occasions that we are hiring and requested me to refer people I know. Thus, I ended up here - probably the best place to find awesome hackers from UB. I am surprised to find no UB alumni here so far, considering how apt the background you develop at UB is for many areas that Qualcomm works in. I am sure we can change that. :slight_smile:

I encourage you guys to browse https://www.qualcomm.com/company/careers for openings that suit your skills and interests. Also check out https://www.qualcomm.com/company/about to find out more about Qualcomm. I would be happy to help you guys in every way I can.

Pranav Jain

P.S. I work for the Secure Systems Group and my team might have an opening soon, so in case anyone is interested, shoot me an email at pranavja@buffalo.edu and we can talk.