Grades Are Posted; This Was a Great Class

Final grades are posted on the HUB. The grading scale was similar to last year, which resulted in a lot of good grades. Congratulations! I hope you have a great summer.

This semester was really an unusually good class. Here is an updated list of average ASST3 scores from the past five years. To make it fair with 2016, I reused the 2016 weights with A3.1–A3.3 all being worth 100 points for this year.

  1. 2013: 28%
  2. 2014: 43%
  3. 2015: 45%
  4. 2016: 48%
  5. 2017: 57%

Quite a dramatic jump! Congrats to all of the strong students, and of course to the hard-working course staff.