Get help setting up OS/161

(Geoffrey Challen) #1

Use this category to discuss the process of setting up OS/161. Please consult the directions here first.

(Matthew Howard) #2

Professor, you said that the tool chain is available on timberlake already and to use it I would need to add it to my path. What does that mean?

What are the pro/cons of installing the tools on my machine as opposed to a shared machine (timberlake)?

(Carl Nuessle) #3

Thanks for asking.

The toolchain on the cse servers (aka timberlake) is deprecated – we will not be supporting it this term. TBH, using either the vagrant option or directly installing the toolchain on Ubuntu will provide better flexibility and performance.

(Geoffrey Challen) #4

In the future please create a new topic for a question like this.

Carl is spot on—I just asked the CSE IT staff to remove the toolchain from timberlake.

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