covered lectures for each assignment

Thank you for the great content,

I wanted to ask if there is a schedule where it is shown after which lecture learners should start working on each assignment. If there is not can you please just highlight the lectures names (a guess would be enough) that precedes assignments.

For assignment 1 :

In latest video series (2017), assignment 1 is kind of covered much later. First video is : 13 Feb : Introduction to Synchronization. However, i felt that viewing the videos in order is much better than just jumping to this lecture.

I realized that my assignment was done before i reached lecture of 13 Feb.
I also found that this and subsequent videos didn’t cover much of what was required. Because assignment 1 is not that tough. If you are facing difficulties with assignment 1, then you can read concurrency part of book

For assignment 2:
All the starting videos are important.


I was here to mention that, you WILL need this textbook as your general guidance through out your journey, especially if you do not know about computer organization. But thankfully Ashish Negi already pointed out. :smiley:

Since the lecture does not cover that much when it comes to assignments, so I’d suggest just skim the textbook and pay attention to the recitation videos. Those will help you big time.

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