bmake error on server

We’re trying to submit our solution for ASST3.2, and we’re getting an error while building on the server -

Exec: bmake
mips-harvard-os161-gcc -g -Og -Wall -W -Wwrite-strings -Wmissing-prototypes -Werror -std=gnu99 -mno-abicalls -fno-pic -ffixed-23 -nostdinc -I../../include -I../../dev -I. -Iincludelinks -ffreestanding -D_KERNEL -c ../../../common/libc/printf/__printf.c
< ...... >
b.o rwtest.o semunit.o synchtest.o threadlisttest.o threadtest.o tt3.o clock.o spinlock.o spl.o synch.o thread.o threadlist.o device.o devnull.o vfscwd.o vfsfail.o vfslist.o vfslookup.o vfspath.o vnode.o addrspace.o kmalloc.o vm.o trap.o syscall.o cpu.o switchframe.o switch.o thread_machdep.o threadstart.o ram.o adddi3.o anddi3.o ashldi3.o ashrdi3.o cmpdi2.o divdi3.o iordi3.o lshldi3.o lshrdi3.o moddi3.o muldi3.o negdi2.o notdi2.o qdivrem.o subdi3.o ucmpdi2.o udivdi3.o umoddi3.o xordi3.o setjmp.o copyinout.o cache-mips161.o exception-mips1.o tlb-mips161.o lamebus_machdep.o start.o vers.o -o kernel
menu.o:(.rodata+0x144): undefined reference to `alloctest1'
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /home/test161/cache/5d20de23dba5cee52341a26909d3a274c8162da316b5f2a09e24c5388263ca04/src/kern/compile/ASST3

Our code compiles and we get an expected grade for our submission when running locally.

Make sure you didn’t modify kern/conf/ASST3. Any configuration changes should be kept to the conf files mentioned here. We overwrite the ASST3 file on the server.

We haven’t modified ASST3. We also replaced our copy of the ASST3 file with the original, and submitting still gives us the same error.

What is alloctest1 and where is it defined? You may have defined it in a header that we’re overwriting.

Thanks Scott!

alloctest1 was a test that we wrote and forgot about. It’s running on the server now.


+1 for writing new tests!