bmake error on server

(Jacob Powathikunnil Verghese) #1

We’re trying to submit our solution for ASST3.2, and we’re getting an error while building on the server -

Exec: bmake
mips-harvard-os161-gcc -g -Og -Wall -W -Wwrite-strings -Wmissing-prototypes -Werror -std=gnu99 -mno-abicalls -fno-pic -ffixed-23 -nostdinc -I../../include -I../../dev -I. -Iincludelinks -ffreestanding -D_KERNEL -c ../../../common/libc/printf/__printf.c
< ...... >
b.o rwtest.o semunit.o synchtest.o threadlisttest.o threadtest.o tt3.o clock.o spinlock.o spl.o synch.o thread.o threadlist.o device.o devnull.o vfscwd.o vfsfail.o vfslist.o vfslookup.o vfspath.o vnode.o addrspace.o kmalloc.o vm.o trap.o syscall.o cpu.o switchframe.o switch.o thread_machdep.o threadstart.o ram.o adddi3.o anddi3.o ashldi3.o ashrdi3.o cmpdi2.o divdi3.o iordi3.o lshldi3.o lshrdi3.o moddi3.o muldi3.o negdi2.o notdi2.o qdivrem.o subdi3.o ucmpdi2.o udivdi3.o umoddi3.o xordi3.o setjmp.o copyinout.o cache-mips161.o exception-mips1.o tlb-mips161.o lamebus_machdep.o start.o vers.o -o kernel
menu.o:(.rodata+0x144): undefined reference to `alloctest1'
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /home/test161/cache/5d20de23dba5cee52341a26909d3a274c8162da316b5f2a09e24c5388263ca04/src/kern/compile/ASST3

Our code compiles and we get an expected grade for our submission when running locally.

(Scott Haseley) #2

Make sure you didn’t modify kern/conf/ASST3. Any configuration changes should be kept to the conf files mentioned here. We overwrite the ASST3 file on the server.

(Jacob Powathikunnil Verghese) #3

We haven’t modified ASST3. We also replaced our copy of the ASST3 file with the original, and submitting still gives us the same error.

(Scott Haseley) #4

What is alloctest1 and where is it defined? You may have defined it in a header that we’re overwriting.

(Jacob Powathikunnil Verghese) #5

Thanks Scott!

alloctest1 was a test that we wrote and forgot about. It’s running on the server now.

(Geoffrey Challen) #6

+1 for writing new tests!