bmake depend error code 127

I know this is the second post about the bmake depend error. But I tried following the videos step by step. Does anyone know how to proceed? Thanks in advance.

It looks like you’re missing mips-harvard-os161-gcc. Have you setup your machine correctly - aka added the PPA and installed os161-toolchain?


One More question related to this. After we uncomment the synchprobs in DUMBVM, we need to config DUMBVM and then run bmake depend. After this, Challen runs his kmakec script that cleans, runs bmake depend and then builds the kernel, but I don’t have this script to run.

How do we build the kernel so that our synchprob tests show up under the listed tests when we open up our kernel?

I’ve followed all the steps up until the kmakec script Challen runs in his video and I seem to be missing this imperative step here. Thanks in advance.

kmakec is just a shell alias he set up to do the things you mentioned with one command. You can enter the bmake commands yourself; see the appropriate ASST0 section for a refresher.