ASST3 Submissions; Upstream Changes

Everything is set up so you can start submitting ASST3.1, but first you’ll need to merge the latest upstream staff changes to get the new ASST3 targets.

There are no test161 changes this time around.

ASST3 Targets
Similar to ASST2, we’ve broken this assignment up into multiple subtargets – 3 for this assignment. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. ASST3.1 (Coremap) - 60 points
  2. ASST3.2 (Virtual address spaces) - 120 points
  3. ASST3.3 (Swapping) - 120 points

(Note: We’ve redistributed these slightly from last year.)

Running and submitting is similar to ASST2:

test161 run asst3.1
test161 submit asst3.1

For more info on the assignment, see the course website and forum posts.

Good luck on ASST3!