Anyone for pairing up the work online

I am doing this course on my own. I have finished asst1.
I would like to team up with someone for rest of the course. There are many advantages like holding ourselves accountable for the progress, learning from each other etc. :slight_smile:

Lets do this !!!

Hello Ashish,

I will be interested to work on this together. I was hoping if we can get on a skype call and figure out the logistics. Also, may I know what timezone are you in? I am in US East Coast.

Thank you

Hello Amit,

I am in India, IST time zone.
I can’t use skype as it does not work on firefox.
We can use hangouts or something else if it works for you.

Sure. We can take this conversation further over the email. I am reachable at

I think we can have a first chat over hangout and plan on how to do it as time goes. I see that you have completed asst1 while I just started few days back. We can talk about how we can help each other towards learning this material.

We can do a quick video chat on your Sunday morning (my Saturday night) around 9 am IST.

Let’s catchup over email.


Me and Amit paired up.
We welcome more self-learners to join us for discussing doubts about the assignments/course.

Hi, is anybody else looking to pair up?
I am from India, hence following the IST timezone. Also, I have already completed ASST1.
Ping me if you’re up for it.

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I’m looking to pair up.

Reach out to me:

If you find this post many months (or years from now), please reach out, and I may be able to help share code or have tips of what I remember doing.