27 Apr 2017: test161-server Temporarily Unavailable

Looks like we’re having some technical difficulties on the backend. We should get these resolved in the morning.

Once Scott restarts the test161 server we should be good to go. Apologies for this. We’re using LetsEncrypt certs to secure communication between members of the MongoDB cluster that holds the database used by test161. They expire every 90 days. We’re auto-renewing them, but there’s a bit of extra work that you have to do after that point—as well as the fact that there is no way for MongoDB to reload its configuration, so cluster members have to be restarted. (Sad.)

All set, submit away!

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I was able to submit but I am unable to view the results page on test161 tab.

The reset may have broken the front-end. I’ll restart that too…

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Should be resolved. Can you try now?

Its working now. Thanks

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