25 May 2017: Final Exams Graded; Final Numeric Grades

(Geoffrey Challen) #1
  1. Thanks to hard work by the TAs (Vicky, Carl, and Ali), the final exams have been graded! I’ve updated the exam solution with some helpful feedback from the graders. We will scan them and, if I’m feeling particularly on top of things, send you an electronic copy of the graded scan via email. Or, if you are in the Buffalo area, feel free to stop by and get it in person—email me to set up a time.
  2. I am sending out one final round of grade updates that will include your final exam score. This is your last chance to spot problems before I post letter grades tomorrow.

(Shreeju Jayesh Tanna) #2

Keep this in mind when you assign letter grades :slight_smile: