24 Apr 2017: ASST3.2 Stats; ASST3.2 Late Submissions; ASST3.3; Paper for Wednesday

  1. The class did extremely well on ASST3.2. We received 85 submissions, which is 72% of the class. (Students working alone have a few more weeks for ASST3.2.) Last year we only received ASST3.2 submissions from 47% of the class. The median, mean, and standard deviation for the current ASST3.2 submission is 120, 102.4, and 27.7, respectively. We had 52 perfect scores.

  2. We will continue to accept ASST3.2 submissions until the ASST3.3 deadline of 5/5 @ 5PM. As for ASST2.2, there is a 20% (24 point) penalty for late submissions.

  3. Congrats to David and Ed for being the second group to finish ASST3.3. For the rest of you: get started!

  4. We’re discussing virtualization this week. Please read the Xen paper for Wednesday.