19 Apr 2017: No Lecture Friday; Extra Office Hours Friday; Hack Night Thursday; Resign Deadline Friday

  1. I’m going to be out of town Friday, and ASST3.2 is due, so we’re going to cancel lecture.
  2. The staff will be adding office hours on Friday to help with last minute work on ASST3.2. Note that my normal 10AM–12PM office hours are cancelled. Hopefully other staff members can cover that time slot, but it will probably be in the first floor lounge rather than my lab. Keep your eye on the calendar—it’ll be kept up to date.
  3. And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Brijesh is doing his second OS hack night on Thursday night. ASST3.2 is due at 5PM, so if you’re hardy you may be able to get a long night of work done Thursday and stay conscious until the deadline. (Not that I’m encouraging all nighters…)
  4. Finally, Friday is the last day to resign the course. If you’re struggling—particularly if your midterm grade was a F or D—you might want to consider resigning.

Will you be at any of the office hours tomorrow.

No. I’m out of town.

Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if a 50 percent in the class would be enough for getting a c for the final grade. I know you haven’t posted the grade distribution but this would be helpful in whether or not to drop the class or stick in it

I can’t commit to specific cutoffs at this point. Sorry.