17 Feb 2017: ASST1 Stats, Keep it Up, Partnering Issues

Final ASST1 stats are in:

  • 138/155 students submitted something (89%)
  • The average score was a 46.5/50 (93%)
  • The median score was a 50/50 (!)
  • The standard deviation was a 7.8

Overall the class did very well on this assignment. Congratulations! I’m impressed, and hope that this is a harbinger of things to come. Maybe we will have to bring back ASST4…

That said, this is no time to rest on your laurels. As the ASST2 write up points out, ASST2 is 3 times the lines of code, 3 times the points, and only twice the amount of time as ASST1. (And that’s only if you waited until the end of the first week to start. Many of you had started earlier.)

Simply put—keep hacking. We have weekend remote office hours tomorrow and Sunday, and regular office hours continue next week. You can (continue to) do this. We will (keep) help(ing). You have a first checkpoint due next week. Scott will be releasing a new version of test161 and new targets this weekend. Until then, we can tell you that ASST2.1 consists of the consoletest, which will require that you complete sys_write, which will require that you implement a file table and handle initialization on the way to userspace. Weekends are great for hacking! There’s nothing like the smell of VOP_READ on Sunday morning.

Finally, if you a serious partner problem, please approach the staff immediately. Once you submit for ASST2 we will consider the partnerships final. After that point we will only allow you to work alone on later assignments, not form new groups.

This week is the only exception. I expect that we will have some resignations in the next few days, and a few partnerships that are not working. So we will let you reshuffle into new groups before submitting ASST2.1. Please continue using the partnering thread to locate new partners as needed.

If your partner resigns, just go ahead and start looking for a new partner. That situation is self-explanatory. However, if you would like to split up an existing partnership that is not working, you should email the course staff and CC your partner and explain what is going on.

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