17 Apr 2017: Office Hours Moved; Midterm Return; RAID Paper

  1. There’s some kind of event going on today downstairs. So we’re moving office hours to my office: Davis 303. The calendar is up to date. Brijesh’s evening office hours will still be in the First Floor Lounge. Hopefully it’s free by then.
  2. We will start returning midterms in office hours today. Bring your ID with you for pick up. The solution set has been updated with per-question and whole-exam statistics, and some grading feedback from our excellent TAs. You’ll need this if you want to challenge grading for a question.
  3. On Wednesday we’re going to talk about RAID. Here’s the original paper, which is a bit crufty. (But oh so important.) But instead, please review the RAID Wikipedia page and read Randy Katz’s shorter and clearer retrospective on how RAID gave birth to an entire industry. Please do the reading before coming to class. It’s impossible to have a coherent discussion if you don’t.