17 Apr 2017: Notes on Midterm Grades

Just a few notes on the midterm class (not exam) grades based on my conversations with a few students:

  • Midterm grades are probably a bit low. I’m still reckoning with just how well this class is doing on the assignments. Final grades are assigned much, much more carefully.
  • Only whole letter grades were given, and I made no effort to find gaps between student scores. I do this when I assign final grades to try and ensure that tiny numeric differences don’t end up as half-grade differences. (It’s not always possible, particularly in a large class. Gaps aren’t always where you need them.) So it’s possible that you are your partner got different letter grades due to small differences on the midterm. Again, I’ll try to avoid this when assigning final grades.

Overall this class is doing really well. Just keep up the good work and you’ll be fine.