15 May 2017: Final Exam Procedures; Course Evaluations; Final Assignment Due Date

Final Exam Procedures

  1. The exam is today from 3:30–6:30PM in Cooke 121.
  2. I will post the seating assignments and chart around 2:30PM.
  3. Come to Cooke 121 a few minutes early.
  4. We will close the exam room at 5PM. If you do not arrive before 5PM, you will receive a zero. Nobody can leave the room before 5PM.
  5. Before you enter the room, know your seat assignment and roughly where it is.
  6. Enter the room and find your seat silently.
  7. Bring your UB ID, writing equipment, and water (if needed) to your seat. Leave everything else at the front, back, or sides of the room. Do not bring a smartphone, smartwatch, or any other electronic device to your seat.
  8. No outside materials are permitted. Anyone caught using them, or an electronic device, will be ejected and receive a zero.
  9. You will find your exam waiting for you. You must write the exam with your name on it.
  10. Do not touch the exam until directed.
  11. Once everyone is present and seated we will begin. For the final exam, there is less time pressure: it is roughly twice as long as the midterm, but you have 3 times as long to complete it. That said, we would still like to get going as quickly as possible.
  12. During the exam a course staff member will come by to verify that you are writing the correct exam. Show them your UB ID and the back of your exam paper. This will only take a minute.

Course Evaluations

You are currently at 93%. If four more people complete the course evaluation I will release a long answer question.

Final Assignment Due Date

We will continue accepting assignment submissions until this Friday: 5/19/2017 @ 5PM. Past that point you can still submit, but scores will not be included in your grade. As always, late submissions are subject to penalties.

Four people plz

Seems unlikely, but…

I think the evaluations are closed. I went back to the page and it says that the end date is 5/14.



Evaluate on here?

Now our only hope is if Geoff decides to be generous and release the long answer question anyway!