14 Apr 2017: My Office Hours Today Start at 11AM; Midterm Statistics and Review

  1. I’m running a bit late this morning so I’m shifting my office hours from 11AM to 1PM. At noon I’ll move down and join Grant, Will, and Zach in the first floor lounge. Apologies for the late notice.
  2. We are finished grading the midterm and will begin returning papers today. Grades are fairly similar to last year (and dissimilar from 2015’s intense stumper). The average, median, and standard deviation are 28.94, 32.75, and 13.31, respectively. There was one perfect (!) score.
  3. We expect to have the midterms back from the scanner today. At that point you can pick up and keep your paper during office hours. Please bring your ID with you to pick up your exam. You must appear in person to get your paper—we do not allow friends or classmates to pick it up for you.

Grading is never perfect, and I tend to be quite supportive of the marks given out by our TAs. They are good and experienced at doing this, and spent a large amount of time and effort over the last two weeks grading your midterms. We are not going to waste time quibbling about a point here or there. For a question that you received a slightly low mark, there is probably another that you received a slightly high one.

However, if you think that there was a significant mistake made in grading one of your answers, here is what to do:

  1. Read the solution set carefully and try to understand why the TA might have considered your answer incorrect. If you approach the staff about a grade change and are not familiar with the solution set you will get nowhere fast.
  2. Use the solution set to identify who graded the question. I will post this information later today, along with per-question statistics and any relevant grader feedback.
  3. Approach that TA first in person during their office hours. If they agree to a change, then you’re done. If they decide to approach me about it, then we’ll talk. Please don’t approach me directly. I did not grade the midterm and will not overrule my TAs.

Actually we’re going to delay returning exams until Monday. Sorry about the delay. I haven’t had time today to update the solution set, and that’s required for students to identify who to approach with questions about each problem.

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