08 Feb 2017: Forum Announcements, Public Forum, test161, Recitations

  1. We’re running a bit behind last year’s class in lecture, probably because I’m blabbing too much at the beginning of class. So I’m going to try to move announcements to the forum as much as possible. I’ll still ask for questions at the beginning of class.
  2. I’ve enabled social login on the forum. I’ve invited alumni from the last 4 years to participate, so you may see them posting and answering questions. But the forum is now open to anyone. Please keep that in mind when reviewing answers and interacting with other users. All internet forums contain some amount of misinformation, and this forum is not guaranteed to be any different.
  3. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest starting to get familiar with our test161 tool. We’ll open up the remote testing for use later this week and release a new version of test161, but you can already start to use the current version of test161 as part of your local development workflow.
  4. All recitations each week will cover the same material.