07 Apr 2017: Working Alone; ASST3.1; Grade Distribution

FYI: I’m having office hours now. We’re not scheduling any extra today, but please feel free to come in for help as needed.

  1. I just emailed all of the students that we have down as working alone on ASST3. If you think that you are working alone but did not receive that email, please email staff@ops-class.org.
  2. ASST3.1 is due today at 5PM. No late submissions will be accepted. So far we’ve received 83 submissions with median/mean/stdev of 60/58.9/5.09.
  3. I’m aware that this class is doing much better than last year. But fear not! This will not “ruin the curve.” I will reference last year’s grading scale when assigning letter grades this year, and expect to give many more A grades at the rate that you’re going.

Can you post the grade cut offs from last year since you’re using last year’s grading scale?

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The cutoffs change a bit from year to year depending on things like how hard the midterm was, etc. So I’m not going to commit to hard cutoffs at this point.

Would you be able to say what the c cut-off is in the course in order to see if we should resign or not.

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